M10 US Tank Destroyer

M10 US Tank Destroyer

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Based on the proven and numerous M4 Sherman chassis, the M10 was fielded in large numbers during WWII and although it would be replaced by other tank destroyers based on it’s design the M10 continued to serve to the war’s end with distinction, serving with US, British, Polish, Free French and Soviet armies.

Although officially titled ‘3-inch Gun Motor Carriage, M10’ it was more affectionately known as the ‘Wolverine’ by British crews. The epithet wasn’t similarly adopted by American forces, who creatively dubbed it ‘TD’ for ‘tank destroyer’.

The open-topped turret wasn’t terribly popular with the exposed crew and in several cases a steel or mesh cover was added as a field modification. Despite this and the relatively slow traverse of the turret the M10 was a feared weapon on the battlefield as many German panzer commanders can attest…

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