Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad

Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad



Drawn from the First company of a Space Marine Chapter, Sternguard squads are made up of those veterans who show particular mastery of ranged combat. Equipped with more specialised weapons such as Storm Bolters, Heavy Flamers and even rare and venerated Combi-Weapons, Sternguard Veteran Squads form an indomitable citadel in the Space Marine battlelines.


The 5 man Sternguard Veteran Squad comes with a massive amount of
variety and options, providing every opportunity to create a unique
squad, befitting their role as some of the Space Marines finest heroes.

This set includes 5 different pairs of legs; 5 individual torso
fronts; 13 unique heads (7 helmeted and 6 bare); 16 individual shoulder
pads; and 5 unique backpacks.

When it comes to picking the weapons your options are many and
varied. There are 6 individual boltguns; 2 different storm bolters; the
option to include a heavy flamer or a heavy bolter; a flamer; a
meltagun; a plasma gun; a power fist; 8 combi-bolters (2 each of melta,
flamer, plasma, or grav); a grav pistol; a plasma pistol; and finally, a
trusty bolt pistol.

And that’s not all! There is an additional helmet plume that can be
added to the squad Sergeant, as well as the choice of equipping him with
either a chainsword or sheathed power sword. There are enough parts to
equip the entire squad with frag and krak grenades, and there is a
selection of ammo pouches; an auspex; a backpack icon; and even a combat
knife (just in case back-up for the massive range of guns is required).

The Space Marine range is designed so that all of the plastic parts
can be swapped between different kits. If you want your Sternguard
Veteran Squad to include alternative heads then grab them from any other
Space Marine plastic kit and they’ll fit. This allows the opportunity
for truly unique collections of miniatures.


This plastic kit contains 120 components with which to make a 5 man Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad (and so much more!).

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