Auric Hearthguard / Berzerkers

Auric Hearthguard / Berzerkers

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Hearthguard Berzerkers are the strongest warriors of their lodge. Protectors of the Runefather and his sons, they wield massive poleaxes with an attached chain and brazier with enough skill and power to puncture any chaos-forged armour.

Auric Hearthguard are the custodians of a lodges Magma-vault. They protect the precious ur-gold that is collected by their brothers, thereby protecting the very spirit of Grimnir himself. Armed with magically forged Magmapikes, the Auric Hearthguard assault their enemies with gouts of incandescent liquid rock. These projectiles quickly harden, solidifying and trapping their opponents in solid rock where the Auric Hearthguard can move in and easily dispatch them.


This multi-part plastic kit gives you the components necessary to build five Hearthguard Berzerkers, clutching double-handed berzerker broadaxes and fyresteel throwing axes. Alternately they can be built as Auric Hearthguard armed with Magmapikes and fyresteel throwing axes. Clad in minimal armour with ur-gold runes hammered into their flesh, sporting immense beards and mohawks poking through their ornate drake helms. One model can be assembled as a Karl, the unit’s leader, featuring a special crest and modifications to his weapon.


Seventy-six components in total, with five Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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