Space Marines Primaris Eliminators

Space Marines Primaris Eliminators



Acting as scouts and fire support for the Primaris Space Marine forces, Eliminators are armed with long range weaponry and camo gear, and take up positions of advantage on the battlefield. From there they can relay information on enemy forces back to the Space Marine leadership, target vehicles with high-powered las-fusils, and snipe enemy leadership with Bolt Sniper Rifles.


Each model in this squad can be armed either with a las fusil, which is
perfect for taking out the toughest targets, or a bolt sniper rifle,
which provides a choice of ammunition to suit any situation. The
Sergeant can also be armed with an instigator bolt carbine. All three
models can be assembled with or without helmets and the kit comes with a
number of optional parts allowing you to individualise the unit.


The plastic kit is made up of 60 components and makes three Eliminators. Each model is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base. The set also includes a Primaris Space Marines Infantry transfer sheet.

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