Adepta Sororitas Junith Eruita

Adepta Sororitas Junith Eruita

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Heralded by sweeping plumes of flame, Junith Eruita hovers across the battlefields of the 41st millennium in the Pulpit of St Holline’s Basilica bringing purifying fire and steadfast faith to devotees of the Ecclesiarchy. Carrying the Mace of Castigation, a relic of great spiritual power and a formidable weapon, She urges on the Sisters of Battle with the firebrand oratory of the Imperial Creed and the shining beacon of Her faith.


This plastic kit builds Junith Eruita, Canoness Superior of the Order of Our Martyed Lady, wielding the Mace of Castigation. She rides upon the Pulpit of St Holline’s Basilica, a priceless artifact of the Ecclesiarchy. Thrumming across the battlefield upon invisible waves of grav energy, gouts of flame from the twin heavy flamers and the braziers that flank the Canoness Superior are dull when compared to the light of Her faith and the heat of Her sermons!


The kit comprises 50 components and comes supplied with 1x Citadel 50mm Round Base, 1x Citadel Large Flying Base and 1x Citadel Small Flying Stem.

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