Adepta Sororitas Penitent Engines

Adepta Sororitas Penitent Engines

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When a member of the Ecclesiarchy commits a grave sin against the Imperial Church, they may be condemned to be interred into a Penitent Engine. A combination of armoured battle walker, torture machine and mind control device, the Penitent Engine uses arcane technology to alter its occupants vision of reality and send them into the deepest pits of guilt and religious anguish. Connected to synaptic implants and chemical inputs, the engine is driven into the enemy by the paroxyms of self-hatred generated by the incarcerated sinner, who knows that only in death will their suffering end. 

For a Repentia of the Adepta Sororitas, retreat from battle is a grave sin. On those occasions where a Repentia may have fled, mortification is a fitting judgement. Similar to the towering Penitent Engines, the Mortifier is fitted to further agonise its prisoner with neuro-scourges,cerebral agonizers and obliquial enhancers that magnify the occupants self-loathing a hundredfold. Held in place by consecrated bolts driven into their very bones, and fitted with a baffle hood that removes any comfort that they may draw from the pious cries of their Sisters, the Mortified Sister throws herself into the thickest fighting in an attempt to find redemption and peace in death.

Rare though it may be, an even darker fate awaits those Repentia who not only fled, but also betrayed Her Sisters. Sealed behind a thick adamantine casing in the likeness of an Iron Maiden, an Anchorite can survive for years or even decades in tortured isolation.


This finely detailed plastic kit can be used to make two Penitent engines. Armed with a pair of Heavy Flamers and either massive flails or whirling buzz-saws, these imprisoned sinners will rampage across the battlefield. Alternatively the kit can be used to make a Mortifier, or an armoured Anchorite which trade the Heavy Flamers for Heavy Bolters.


The kit comprises 126 components and includes all of the weapons and assembly options for all three variants. The model comes supplied with 2x Citadel 50mm Round Bases.

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