Adepta Sororitas The Triumph of Saint Katherine

Adepta Sororitas The Triumph of Saint Katherine

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Perhaps the most important relic to all Adepta Sororitas, the skeletal remains of Saint Katherine within her reliquary armour are accompanied by representatives of each Order of the Sisters of Battle. Hand-picked by their Canoness Superior, each warrior takes up a sacred artefact that represents their Order and acts both as guardians to the remains of the Martyred Lady, and avatars of their own Order’s Matriarchs. Named as the Orders Pronatus, this procession of faith carries the Emperors Light to the darkest corners of the battlefield.


Surrounding the blessed grav-sarcophagus containing the remains of Saint Katherine are six Sisters of the Orders Pronatus, each chosen as exemplars of their Order and tasked with carrying out the duties and responsibilities of both guarding the corpus of the martyred saint and acting as the embodiment of each Orders Matriarch:

-Saint Katherine, Order of Our Martyred Lady: Carrying the shield of the very Saint interred in the casket following her, the Praesidium Protectiva contains a shard of the Emperors own armour granting a measure of His divine protection to the Sisters of the Triumph, as well as those nearby.

-Saint Dominica, Order of the Ebon Chalice: Symbolising the ever-burning faith of Saint Dominica, this facsimile of the Ebon Chalice takes the form of a black goblet with an inextiguishable flame.

-Saint Mina, Order of the Bloody Rose: Scattered around the feet of the Triumph are the Petals of the Bloody Rose, bringing to mind the blood spilt by Saint Mina, the Red Saint before her Martyrdom.

-Saint Silvana, Order of the Argent Shroud: Bearing the skeletal likeness of the remains of Saint Silvana, this reproduction is mounted to the backpack of the representative of the Order of the Argent Shroud, focussing the minds of the surrounding Sisters on the duty in death that all Adepta Sororitas seek.

-Saint Lucia, Order of the Valorous Heart: A potent symbol of faith, the Icon of the Valorous Heart seems to beat with the rhythm of Saint Lucia Herself, bringing strength and conviction to all warriors of the Imperium that hear its cadence.

-Saint Arabella, Order of the Sacred Rose: The clouds of sacred incense billowing from the Censer of the Sacred Rose imbues the warriors of the Adpeta Sororitas with fervent zeal, its eternal flame ensuring that the enemies of mankind will falter long before the fire of the Sisters wrath is extinguished.


This set is supplied in 85 plastic components and contains a sculpted Citadel 120mm Oval Base.

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