Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter

Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter

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The Archaeopter brings war to the sky for the Pteraxii, piloted by one of their own as their scapuli superior and cyborg legs are plugged into the controls. The nano-carbon fibre-weave within the wings gives the ability to morph in the same manner of the Pteraxii flight packs that these cyborg humanoids usually carry to manouvre through the skies. The archaeopter can withstand fluctuating pressures and handle altitude changes rapidly, enabling the Pteraxii to explore from above as well as carry their hordes to drop off in tactical locations to sneak up behind the enemy formation. 


This kit contains all the components you need to create an Archaeopter- choose between a Transvector, Stratoraptor or Fusilave style. 

Transvectors are weaponised with two cognis heavy stubbers and a twin cognis heavy stubber, with a choice to be enchanced with chaff launchers, perfect to foil incoming enemy assaults and providing fire cover for troops on the ground. Being able to transport up to 6 Secutarii, Electro-Priest, Tech-Priest or Skitarii models, the Archaeopter Transvector has speed and is perfect for those on board to head directly to an objective or make a tactical landing behind enemy lines. 

The Archaeopter Fusilave is kitted with four cognis heavy stubbers and a bomb rack of tectomagnic munitions ready to rain down onto the enemy armies below. Explosive and with precision targeting, the Archaeopter Fusilaves are great options for countering enemy attacks and causing immense levels of destruction to a focused area. 

Stratoraptors are the juggernauts of the Archaeopters with its heavy artillery featuring two cognis heavy stubbers, two heavy phosphor blasters and a twin cognis lascannon. Like the Transvector it can be upgraded with chaff launchers. Able to wipe out other aircraft in the sky and disperse targets on the ground, the Stratoraptors make for a mean aerial assault.

Whichever you choose to assemble, there is plenty of spare components for customising your Archaeopter.


This kit can be used to build to build an Archaeopter Fusilave or Archaeopter Transvector or Archeopter Stratoraptor.
This kit is supplied in 94 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm x 109mm Oval Base and a Citadel 115mm Ball Stem with Tang Adapter.

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