Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

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Sicarians have elite expertise that enable them to kill so efficiently that they deliver lethal executions to confused enemies that barely see an attack coming. They are killing machines that are so technologically altered, their nearly organicless bodies cannot be called human. Assigned as Infiltrators or as Ruststalkers, both formations weild their transonic weapons with fatal skill. 

Sicarian Infiltrators are merciless scouts that permeate enemy forces with ease, their speed is hard to be seen by the naked eye making them frightening blurs of terror, a fearful creation indeed within Adeptus Mechanicus engineering. Assaulting the senses of their enemies, Infiltrators will take the opportunity to slay those deafened and blinded by their brutal transonic artillery and can turn their heads in all directions to making them almost impossible to sneak up on. 

Sicarian Ruststalkers, the assassins of their kind, show off their proficient murderous abilities now on the front line of the battlefield, using the sound tearing power of their weapons to purge through the armour of their enemies. With a thirst for knowledge, Ruststalkers use sensors and data-gathering devices to further their intelligence, undoubtedly enhancing their mastery in battle.


This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to build five Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians. Choose either Sicarian Ruststalkers (including one princeps) or Sicarian Infiltrators  This kit has a variety of customisation, each model has choice of technological paraphenailia such as sensors, pressure gauges and data arrays to add. Sicarians being more machine than man means they come wearing pressurised armour and you can adapt their poses with the five sets of legs included. 

Sicarian Ruststalkers are decorated with creepy gasmasks while Sicarian Infiltrators are protected by detailed domed helms. Both have optional weapons, ten sets of stubcarbine and power sword or ten sets of taser goad and flechette blaster. Create a princeps who carries a stubcarbine and power sword with an infoslave skull.


5 x Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

This 117-component, multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to make either five Sicarian Ruststalkers (including one princeps), or five Sicarian Infiltrators, and comes with five 40mm bases.

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