Dry Brush Palette – XXL

Dry Brush Palette – XXL

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Dry Brush Palette – XXL

Are you looking to take your
dry brushing to the next level? Tired of getting a chalky finish on your
models from using a paper towel to take away excess paint. Well look no
further than the new range of Dry Brush Palettes from the Colour Forge.

Dry Brush Palettes are available in a range of 5 sizes (XXL, XL, Maxi, Midi
& Mini) to suit your hobby space requirements and are specifically
designed with dry brushing in mind. Whichever size you choose you will be
rewarded with a palette that has been developed to improve your
dry brushing game. The Dry Brush Palette range from the Colour Forge are
laser cut and etched from 3mm MDF. Unique patterns and designs embedded
in the product allow you to work your drybrush around the palette
removing paint in a smooth and consistent manner, ensuring a great
finish. The end result is smoother, cleaner and ultimately gives you
greater control over your dry brushing allowing you to take your painting
to the next level.

Palettes are supplied unpainted and require
priming before use. We recommend using any Colour Forge spray primer for
the best results. 

Top tip – The Dry Brush Palette range from the
Colour Forge are reusable. When you have saturated your palette with
paint simply respray with Colour Forge spray primer to reset the palette
and you’re good to go!

Dimensions 420mm x 298mm x 3mm

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