Monster Box for large miniatures – 25cm

Monster Box for large miniatures – 25cm

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The product presented is a Monster Box for storing and carrying miniatures up to 25cm high. 

Thanks to its unique construction it allows for carrying a miniature in a vertical position standing on its base. Two walls in this box have adhered raster foam panels, which after closing fills the space in the box. Each of the panels is divided into cuboids with the dimensions 15mm x 15mm x 40mm, which maybe be removed one at a time to create a space for a large model. This solution allows you to keep a model on its solid base and supported by soft foam around its solid parts, while the fragile parts may remain untouched and secure.

Internal dimensions of the box:320mm x 200m x 280mm.
Available space for a miniature:320mm x 200mm x 250mm.
External dimensions of the box:340mm x 220mm x 380mm.

The procedure for preparing the box for carrying large model is as follows:

  1. Open the box by gentling pressing down its handle and removing the catches.
  2. Place a model on a foam base on the bottom of the box.
  3. Try to keep body of a model as close as possible to the center of the foam base.
  4.  Use a marker or a felt-tip pen to outline the miniature’s base.
  5.  Use a bookbinding knife or a scalpel cut a place for the miniature (the easiest way is to do it on a hard surface).
  6.  In the next step fasten a foam base to the bottom of the box by using attached double-sided adhesive points. The goal of this action is to hold the miniature’s base firmly and always keep it in the same place in the box. It is also recommended to find on a miniature‚Äôs base a characteristic point and mark its position on the foam base.
  7. Then slowly close one side of the box and remove cuboids which block further closing of the box. Repeat this process until the foam wall of the box will reach the vertical position and its bottom touches the foam base. 
  8. Repeat this process for the second foam wall.
  9. It is recommended to leave as small space as possible between the foam and solid parts of a miniature to support them during transportation. For fragile parts of the miniature please leave larger gaps to protect them during transportation movement from touching the foam walls. 
  10. At the point where both foam walls will touch the model, it becomes held perfectly safe and secure.
  11. Then close the box by pressing down its handle and close the catches.
  12. The process of fitting the box for a specific miniature will take between 30-60 minutes, depending on dimensions and abstract parts.

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