Queen of Ecstasy

Queen of Ecstasy

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The first of the Creature Caster Queens glides alluringly onto the world’s stage. The Queens of Ecstasy are the most powerful embodiments of their faction. They command legions of lesser demons who are slavishly dedicated to them. The demons of Ecstasy, and those who have devoted themselves to their cause, exist in a state that is beyond mundane reality. They joyously partake in extreme acts of frenzied debauchery and excess. Their euphoria takes them beyond the bounds of reason, and they impulsively indulge in any act that takes their fancy. Their lives are endless orgies of sadomasochistic pleasures, and unrepentant desires.

While the lesser demons of Ecstasy are satisfied with just existing in this crazed but blissful state, the more powerful demonic Queens go a step further. They project a psychedelic haze that induces feelings of rapture, love, and inhibition in all who approach. This aura not only acts to ensure the loyalty of a notoriously unpredictable breed of demon, but to bend the weak minded to the ways of Ecstasy. Entire armies have turned on one another in the presence of a Queen of Ecstasy, former brothers in arms lost in ecstatic madness.

The touch of a Queen is even more intense than her aura, and ignites the senses with feelings of pain and pleasure so extreme that even the strongest of minds will break almost instantly. Enemies have willingly impaled themselves upon the claws of a Queen of Ecstasy, all the while gazing with admiration into her soulless eyes. Her subjects will compete relentlessly with one another for a chance to receive the overwhelming sensation of her caress. While being blessed by a Queen is almost always lethal, her embrace is considered the finest of ways to die.

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