Saiyin (Resin)

Saiyin (Resin)

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Saiyin is a polarising figure in elf society due to her eagerness to embrace other races and their cultures. A long time opponent to the isolationism of the tribes, Saiyin has proven to be a wonderful ambassador and negotiator during times of peace. Her wisdom belies her age, as does her influence in political circles. It remains to be seen what legacy she will leave behind once her time on Athien has come to an end.

Among the summoned, Saiyin is perhaps the most changed by the summoning. Most of the summoned find that time in Mideon strengthens aspects of their core personality and traits. For Saiyin, her experiences in Mideon have sparked a new desire in her — indulgent power. This desire is not in keeping with her core personality, so it raises a conflict within her that threatens the core of what she believes herself to be. She struggles to maintain her noble soul, while surrounded by temptation.

Saiyin is a strong healer and a potent Soulgazer. Her attunement with souls allow her to pack a serious punch against any hero carrying a bound soul on the battleground.

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