Space Marines Primaris Impulsor

Space Marines Primaris Impulsor



The most common transport of the Primaris Space Marines, the Impulsor is an anti-grav fitted, lightly armoured vehicle that can transport 6 Primaris Space Marines to the front lines with a minimum of difficulty from rough terrain. Able to be fitted with a number of weaponry options to assist in supporting the squad it transports, it can also carry more defensive options such as a Shield Dome for when more robust protection is required.


The Impulsor is equipped with a pair of storm bolters as standard, but
these can be swapped out for two fragstorm grenade launchers. The
vehicle can also be upgraded with additional weapons in the form of an
ironhail heavy stubber and a choice of bellicatus missile array or
ironhail skytalon array. Alternatively, the Impulsor can be outfitted
with an orbital comms array with which to summon a devastating barrage
from space, or a shield dome to offer it additional protection with a
powerful force field.


The kit comprises 108 components and included all of the Impulsor’s weapons and wargear options. The model comes supplied with a Citadel 100mm round base and clear hover stand upon which to mount it, as well as an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.

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