Space Marines Primaris Infiltrators

Space Marines Primaris Infiltrators



Shrouded by plumes of smoke, Infiltrators move swiftly into enemy lines. Clad in lightweight Phobos Armour, armed with Marksman Bolt Carbines, their missions include disruption of supply lines, sabotage, and elimination of key command staff.

Incursors operate similarly to the Infiltrator squads, but with a greater focus on marksmanship and elimination of enemy leadership. Armed with Occulus Bolt Carbines and multi-spectrum targetting arrays, Incursors can hunt their targets through the most unforgiving of environments.


Each Infiltrator is armed with a marksman bolt carbine and wears Mark X
Phobos armour festooned with pouches for their infiltration gear.
Additional parts are included to build up to two Sergeants and up to two
models with comms arrays.

Primaris Incursors are armed with occulus bolt carbines and each squad
also carries haywire mines, allowing them to threaten enemy vehicles as
well as infantry. Additional parts are included to build up to two squad


This kit contains two identical frames, each containing five models which can be built as Infiltrators or Incursors. The set comprises a total of 266 components, 10 Citadel 32mm round bases and a Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet.

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