Bolt Action 2 Rulebook (Spanish)

Bolt Action 2 Rulebook (Spanish)


Desde las ciudades devastadas de la Francia ocupada, hasta los áridos desiertos del norte de África o las sofocantes junglas del Pacífico, Bolt Action proporciona todas las reglas para recrear en tu mesa de juego las grandes batallas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Escrito por Alessio Cavatore y Rick Priestley, este reglamento incluye un sistema para seleccionar fuerzas extremadamente versátil que te permitirá formar el tipo de ejército que mejor se adapte a tu estilo de juego, desde fuerzas de tanques súper-pesados hasta pequeñas unidades de infantería altamente cualificada… La decisión está en tu mano.

The 2nd edition offers the same fantastic World War II gameplay with its exciting order dice system and mixed armies of infantry, tanks and artillery.

Key New Features

Officers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift as you can order multiple units to fire or advance in concert.

Big Explosions! HE fire now uses templates to determine damage – your opponent had better spread out his troops to avoid carnage!

Armed Transports! Once your squad has piled out of its halftrack, the driver can speed around and unleash a hail of lead at the enemy!

Player Feedback! We’ve listened carefully to the community and taken advantage of the thousands of battles you’ve played to improve the game in dozens of other ways.

New Army List

The main rulebook now includes a fifth army list – adding Imperial Japan to Germany, Great Britain, USA and the Soviet Union – giving you even more choice for your army.

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